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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Follow my Traveling Creature Laboratory! The Adventures of Gruesilla...

So if you have been following this blog I recently joined a Ravelry Group called the Traveling Creature Laboratory. You can read more about them here or in my previous post from Wed July 28th 2010. Here are the group details...


Hello there, welcome to the lab and see what’s on the slab! We’re creating creatures of all sorts, most aren’t even of this earth. We’re a traveling amigurumi group in hopes of going viral. Join us, it’s fun!

I have joined current Circle #5 as of yesterday. I will be posting my progress within the current project here in my blog.
If you are currently a part of this trading circle #5 as a warning there will be spoilers here on my blog detailing the progress of work with all the creatures I receive. So if you wish to be suprised dont look at the pictures I post of your creatures. I will put a spoiler link in the title of any blog that has photos or detailed descriptions of the progress. For all others please enjoy and stay tuned for the adventures of the Traveling Creature Laboratory.
So meet Gruesilla...
She is my creature that I will be sending all over the world to be completed. Here is her story.
Please help!
Gruesillas bits and pieces have gone missing! She is my most precious creation and now she is incomplete. I am lost without her, and need your help to get her back! I will be sending her body along to a neurologist who will give her her head and facial features back.
Stay tuned!

Gruesilla's Body

My nametag to identify her as she goes around the world!

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