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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

WIPW: Week 29

Well...I havent been working on the WIPs from my last blog. Reason being....I went to the LYS a little while back and bought a BEAUTIFUL skein of Cascade Ultra Pima Cotton from Peru. It is soooooo luscious, and I have been dying to crochet with it. However, it has been sitting in my closet taunting me for weeks. I am sure some of you yarn junkies will understand this! It was almost too pretty to do anything with, and I wanted to make something for myself (for,) but it is really hard for me to pick something out for myself. Well...I FINALLY decided a nice light spring scarf would be something I would like, so I went for it, and that is what I have been occupying my crochet time this week with!

Here is the yarn before I started working with it:

Cascade Ultra Pima Cotton in Syrah

Gorgeous right???

I generally do not work with DK weight it has been a nice switch of pace. I love how light & airy it crochets! The yarn is also so silky...that it just glides off the hook, and I havent had ANY issues with splitting! I also generally do not work with any hook above a size G (since I make mostly Amigurumi,) and this pattern calls for using a size K!!! I must admit it took a bit of retraining how I hold my hook, because it felt so foreign in my hands! It is funny how using a hook size out of the norm can trip your technique! I can't even fathom how those HUGE plastic hooks are like working with. I must give it a try one of these days! Anyone out there worked with one before??

Big Hook Size Comparison -- (from Google Images)

 are the details...

8th FO for 2011:

Here is the progress of the scarf so far:

Shell Scarf
Here is a close-up photo of the shell detail (the shell detail will continue around all sides of the scarf:)

Shell detail

I apologize for the blurry / dark photos (as I am blogging away from home, I only have my iphone ;) with me.

Hopefully I will finish the scarf in my spare time this week, and be able to share with yall the FO by next Wed!

Happy Crafting!!!!

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