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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

WIPW: Week 15

Welcome back to my Work-In-Progress Wednesday Blog!!

I have been a furious crocheter this week!! I feel like I am finally back on track with all my 'stalled' projects which have been arranged according to deadlines starting with upcoming birthdays, xmas, and then special requests from friends/clients. I have been able to finish a few outstanding projects and start on a few more. I am sure that you other crafters out there are also in 'crunch-time' to whip up all those xmas gifts, right? I have made a pact with myself to work on a project every night, even if it is for just for a short while. I have also been toting my things around with me, so I can crochet before/after my shifts at work. I feel that as long as I have a hook and some yarn with me, I am more motivated/inclined to work a coupla stitiches in my down time. This has enabled me to move ahead on the many WIPs I have going.

1st things 1st:

FO from last weeks WIPW blog week 14:



"I am also working on a few beanies for christmas. I usually make Amigurumi, so this is a new venture. I am using Caron's Simply Soft in Watermelon for this girls beanie. The pattern was found as a free download on Ravelry by Rebecca Averill."

And here is the FO:
'Bonita Hat'

'Bonita Hat: Modeled by Joshua S. Fields'



I started this week on a scarf for a white elephant swap for xmas. As I have mentioned before, I mostly crochet Amigurumi, so the venture into hats and scarfs is new territory for me. It is an exciting venture, and so far is going really well. For this WIP I have adapted a pattern made available on Ravelry by Julie Schramm of Noolie Knits called Tulips Hat & Scarf pattern available for free as a link on Ravelry. I have started on the scarf 1st, and providing I have time I will make the companion hat.

I am using Lion Brand Wool-Ease Glitter yarn in White/Multi for the scarf project, and a standard size 'I' crochet hook. This yarn was gifted to me recently in a stash swap, and I decided it would be a nice winter/xmas yarn for a scarf. The yarn is a lamb's wool blend, and is working beautifully for the project.

Here are a couple of pictures of the WIP as it stands today:
'Tulips Scarf'

'Tulips Scarf (detail)'



I am super excited about this project that I came across on Ravelry. I am making the purse for my 5 year old cousin for Xmas. I have a feeling that when it is done and opened on Xmas that I will be making a few more for birthdays, ect. It is just too adorable! Thanks to Melinda Miller of Melinda Miller Designs for the free pattern download on Ravelry. You can find a link to the pattern here.

I am using Caron Simply Soft yarn in the following colors:

White #9701 (face)
Black #9727  (edging and facial details)
Watermelon 9501 (bow)


Hobby Lobby I Love This Cotton! in the following color:

#12 Buttercup (flower and nose detail)

Here is a pic of the competed front panel of the WIP as it stands today.
'Hello Kitty purse'



Both of these FO's I started and finished this week. They are for my 10 year old cousin. He is super into Pokemon right now, and has begged me to make him an Amigurumi Pokemon for Xmas. There was no possible way I was going to design and finish a design of my own, so I was lucky enough to find these two patterns as free downloads from Linda Potts of WolfDreamer off the Hook. Linda has some AMAZING videogame and cartoon related designs on Ravelry and her site. If you have a chance I highly recommend you stop by and browse her work.


For the Pokemon I decided on the 'Squirtle Plushie. He is cute and is one of the original Pokemon, so I thought it would be neat to go old-school.

Here is a picture of the animated 'Squirtle':

'Squirtle' picture from
This image is an illustration of a character or characters in a comic book, video game, or animated television program or film. The copyright for it is most likely held by either the publisher/producer and/or artist(s) producing the work in question. It is believed that the use of low-resolution images of character artwork:
for commentary on the character or characters in question,
on the English-language blog: qualifies as fair use under United States copyright law. Any other uses of this image, on this blog or elsewhere, may be copyright infringement.
Here is a picture of my finished Amigurumi 'Squirtle':

'Squirtle' Plushie (Front View)

'Squirtle' Plushie Back view

'Squirtle' Plushie Side view


No Pokemon is complete without a Pokeball, so naturally I had to make one of those also.
I used the following yarns to complete the project:

Caron Simply Soft:

White #9701
Black #9727
Autumn Red

Here it is:

In addition to all these projects I am finally making a little something for myself. I picked up a beautiful skein of Cascade 220 Quatro 5013 Chili Pepper at the Ravelry Week event at The Knitting Nest in Austin, TX. I am working on a winter hat for myself. I have not taken pictures of the WIP yet, but here is a picture of the yarn, which is just stunning!
Cascade Sierra Quatro in Chili Pepper

Well...I guess that about wraps things up for this week. I hope to share more next Wed. See you then and Thanx for reading!!!


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  2. Wow, you have a bunch of projects finished. I like that Hello Kitty.

  3. Thanks Denise! I have been a madwoman trying to get through my WIPs before xmas time, as most of them are xmas gifts. The Hello Kitty purse is going to be super cute! Thanks for reading

  4. Thanks Jonker for the kind words! I am glad you enjoy my blog :)

  5. I love the Hello Kitty purse. Nice presents.

  6. WOW, you've been busy! I love them all, but have a soft spot for the Hello Kitty and Pokemon items. Great job, they look perfect!

    The yarn you bought is beautiful! Such a dark, rich color.

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  8. I love your Tulip Scarf. The Hello Kitty purse has got me thinking about my little cousin!

    By the way, you've got spammers hitting you up on Comments. You might want to look into some type of moderation.

  9. Thanks mutantsupermodel!

    The scarf is now finished and all I have to do is block it...thanks for the heads up on the spammers. I have adjusted my moderation settings.