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Thursday, November 11, 2010

WIPW: Week 14

Well...I was able to work on a few more projects this week: A gift each for my two lovely Grandmothers very belated (sorry Nana!) My Mother, my Boyfriend, and I took the two lovely ladies out to lunch, where they opened their gifts.


I used an adapted "Crazy Kitten" pattern from Super Cute: 25 Amigurumi Animals, by Annie Obaachan. This was the 1st book on Amigurumi that I picked up, and is still one of my favorites. The patterns are simple and is a great introduction into the world of Amigurumi.
Super Cute: 25 Amigurumi Animals


Size D hook
Charcoal grey worsted weight yarn (I used Lion Brand's Vannas Choice in Charcoal)

Green 'cat eye' safety eyes
Pipe Cleaners
Small amount of yellow yarn for facial embellishments


The pattern calls for a pretty basic Amigurumi head in the round with 5 rounds of increasing, 4 rounds of sc's, 4 rounds of decreasing. At this point, I add the safety eyes, and insert the polyfill at this point. Then the head is completed with one final round of decreasing. Here is the end product:
Charcoal 'Kitten Head' with Safety eyes


The pattern calls for a slender and tubular body with a slight increase towards the back end of the body. (3 rounds of increase, 4 rounds of sc, 1 round of decrease, 8 rounds of sc, 1 round of decrease, 2 rounds of sc, 1 round of decrease, insert batting, and a final round of decrease.) Here is the end product:

Charcoal 'Kitten Body'


I crocheted a total of 4 arms/legs for the kitten. They were pretty simple, and fairly quick to make. Here is what one looks like:

Charcoal 'Kitten leg/arm"


The tail is a thinner version of the arms/legs. For poseablitiy I add pipe cleaners to the tail and then add the polyfill. I made the tail to be about 3 1/2 inches long. Here is the end result"

Charcoal 'Kitten Tail"


The ears were fairly simple as well, and consisted of 5 rounds (3 rounds of increase.) Here is the end result:

Charcoal "Kitten ears"

All the parts are now ready for assembly. I used the yellow yarn to embroider a nose and mouth to the head. I also cut 3 small lengths of the charcoal grey yarn for whiskers. Here is the FO:
Finished Charcoal the Kitten


For the dove ornament I used a pattern off of the Lion Brand Yarn website. You can find the pattern here. The dove ornament took around 1 hour for me to complete (and I am a fairly slow crocheter.)


Size D hook
Lion Brand Wool-Ease Glitter yarn in White
Small mm size black buttons for eyes
Small amount of charcoal yarn for the beak (I used Lion Brand Yarn Vanna's Choice in Charcoal)

Here is the FO:
Dove Ornament
I am also working on a few beanies for christmas. I usually make Amigurumi, so this is a new venture. I am using Caron's Simply Soft in Watermelon for this girls beanie. The pattern was found as a free download on Ravelry by Rebecca Averill. Here is one that is almost finished:
'Bonita Hat'

For those of you who might be wondering...I am still working on my Doozer. It is just temporarilly on hold until I finish all my xmas gifts. More to come soon :) Thanks for reading!


  1. I crocheted this hat last night. What I came up with is loads different than the picture from the designer and yours. I did see 2 other people that made it and posted pics to Ravelry that had similar results to mine. I am an experienced crocheter and not big on following patterns, but when I do I follow to the letter. Picking another Acrylic and giving it a try again. I like your blog by the way.

  2. Thanx for reading! I usually make adjustments to the patterns I follow. I enjoy tweaking the patterns I find in one way or another just so I can have my own signature and interpretation on my fo's. I alter/add embellishments to my projects , i.e buttons vs safety eyes , using pipe cleaners for "animation", different yarn weights. That is what is so neat and fun for me about crocheting :)

    If you let me know the project you are referencing, I would be happy to share with you what changes I made to the pattern.

    Happy Crocheting!