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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

WIPW: Week 19

This week's WIPW blog is going to be short and sweet, as I spent most of my time this week devoted to my Luigi WIP.

Well....Good news...I finished 2 more xmas projects from last week! FO=Luigi, and Ami secret swap. Bad news=I have decided to scrap my dolly project for my little cousin :( I have simply just run out of time. I plan on making the gift for her for her birthday, tho, so all is not lost. Now on to the FO's:

XMAS GIFT #6: (FO....finally!)


I stayed up until around 4:30am to finish (well, mostly finish...he still needs his suspender buttons) the Luigi FO which has been haunting me for over a month now.

....and here he is: (I still have the buttons to sew on the front of his suspenders, and plan to do so today)



Luigi side view

Luigi Back view
I am pleased that he came out as well as he did! I originally had plans to make his counterpart, Mario, so the dynamic duo could be opened together, but I simply ran out of time before xmas. Stay tuned in the coming months, however, as I will make Mario soon!

Super secret Ami Swap project

I am sad to say that I can't post pics of this one here, until the package is received in the mail. Stay tuned until after XMAS when I make the big reveal. I will say that the swap was a ton-o-fun and I am super excited about what I created!

My goal for this week is to finish the last of my crocheted XMAS gift, and here are the details:


I plan on making a set of xmas ornaments for one of my grandmothers, Nana. She really enjoyed the dove ornamenent I made for her for her bday, so I figured I would make her a few more. Maybe it can be a yearly ritual to make a new ornament each year! That might be fun. I am thinking I  might make her a Snowman ornament (using the snowman head from my FO in this blog.) and an angel ornament for sure!

This is a gift that I have had on my to do list for a while now. I have a good friend, Robert, who was an Eastern Orthodox priest. He wears a skull cap daily. It is similar to a Yarmulke of the jewish faith, but it a bit larger, yet smaller than a beanie hat. I have a bit longer to make this project since christmas is after the 1st of January in his faith.

Good luck to all of you out there who are in crunch time to finish up those WIP's before XMAS! YOU CAN DO IT!!!!


Thanks for reading! See you next week :)


  1. I suddenly have an intense urge to play Super Mario Brothers... great job!

  2. A new ornament every year would be a wonderful tradition. Your Luigi is impressive!

  3. Wowza! Luigi's never looked so good. That detail is amazing!

  4. I literally wanted to burst out into a round of applause when I saw the photos of the finished-Luigi, he looks amazing!

  5. Your Luigi is adorable. You did a great job on him.

  6. It's all in the details and your Luigi is awesome! My favorite part has to be the cap. Can't wait to see Mario!