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Friday, June 8, 2012

Secret Project #2 WIP

I had a lot of fun with my last Secret WIP posts that I thought I could start up another one here. Quite a few of my friends/family have caught baby fever over the past year and lil ones are popping up all around me. My last Secret FO was an 'Under the Sea' themed baby mobile that was unveiled at my Sister in Laws baby shower. I am super excited about my next Secret WIP for the next lil one! I plan on posting the components of the project here as they are completed. I cannot unveil exactly what I am cooking up, since it is a gift, but it will be fun posting lil "glimpses" of the project along the way.

Here is the first glimpse:

What could it be?

The picture is a bit dark, but this is the start of the Amigurumi.

Stay tuned in for further glimpses of my new Secret WIP!!!

Thanks for reading.

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