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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Kodama Tree Spirits -- WIP

I was crocheting last night on the couch and decided it would be nice if I held an account of my WIP (works in progress) for various projects. I want to do this for 2 reasons:

1: I would like to have a step by step account and tutorial saved for each projects so that I can reference them later for tips, or if I am going to explain the project to someone in the future.

2: I often alter the patterns that I follow extensively to make each project unique and to have their own personalities and my own personal stamp on them. I often do not document these spur of the moment changes, but often think back....hmmm how did I do that again? is my 1st progress account of a WIP for the adorable Kodama Tree Spirits.

A little bit about the project:

I recently joined the Ravelry group Amigurumi Army and they have a monthly project mission (really neat idea.) The July mission is Miyazaki Themed. If you are not familiar with Miyazaki here is a bit about him:

Hayao Miyazaki is a Japanese filmmaker who makes popular animated features for Studio Ghibli. Some of his works include:

- Princess Mononoke
- Spirited Away
- My Neighbor Totoro

and many, many, more...

Miyazaki's films often deal with Japanese folklore and rising political themes in Japan for example the current theme of technology vs nature.

The kodama tree spirits are featured in the film Princess Mononoke. Here is a bit about them in Japanese folklore:

Cutting down a tree which houses a kodama is thought to bring misfortune, and such trees are often marked with a sacred rope called shimenawa. Kodama are generally wise and peaceful but dislike those who have no respect for the environment and who take it for granted. Sometimes they mimic human voices, creating echos in the forest. “Echo” has also come to be another meaning of the word kodama.

(Thanks to Ami Amour for the pattern!)



The yarn called for in the pattern is Nightlights Glow in the Dark Yarn. I am using Lily Sugar 'n Cream Solid in White. This is a cotton worsted weight yarn. The white is really crisp, so I chose this for the pattern (**NOTE** I would love to try this pattern with the glow in the dark yarn in the future, when I can get my hands on some)


The pattern calls for using a G/H hook, however I prefer to use my E (3.5mm) hook for most of my amigurumi.


Black/White Felt
Yarn Needle
Felt Glue
Polyester Fiberfill

Step 1: The head -- Kodama #1 Sitting Kodama

The head instructions are for a basic amigurumi head. Nothing was altered from the pattern. It measures about 5cm in circumference.

Step 2: The body -- Kodama #1 Sitting Kodama

The body is angled for the sitting position. Notice how it looks like a torso looks sitting in a chair minus the legs and feet. The top of the torso measures slightly under 1" and angles out to approximately 1 1/4"

Nothing was altered from the original pattern.

Step 3: The arms -- Kodama #1 Sitting Kodama

Pattern calls for 2:
They measure a close to 1 1/2" a piece

Nothing was altered from the original pattern.

Step 3: The legs -- Kodama #1 Sitting Kodama

Pattern calls for 2:
They measure a close to 1 1/2" a piece


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