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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Traveling Creature Laboratory

I just joined a group over on Ravelry called the Traveling Creature Laboratory. The group is a sort of elaborate crochet/knit creature creation swap. Their premise is totally awesome! Here is a quick bio of the group:

"We're a traveling amigurumi group in hopes of going viral. Join us, it's fun!"

Hello there, welcome to the lab and see what’s on the slab! We’re creating creatures of all sorts, most aren’t even of this earth. We’re a traveling amigurumi group in hopes of going viral. Join us, it’s fun!

So what is a Traveling Creature Laboratory you might ask? Well here is a quick rundown of how it works.

From the group forum : How it Works:
  1. We’re planning on having 8 - 10 people in our first circle. Person A mails to Person B, B mails to C and so on until the critter comes all the way back home to Person A. Here’s the sequence of events…(for Person C)
  2. Prologue: Everyone makes their own basic body with the yarn of their choosing. I will be supplying a body pattern so that everyone will know what to expect as far as size and shape. I am recommending worsted weight yarn so that your critters will all be somewhere near the same size. Fiber content is entirely up to you, however if you are allergic to something, be sure and note that on the passport that we’ll be making available for you to download. The passport will travel with your critter wherever it goes.
  3. Once your body is complete, you mail it along with the passport (ziplock bag highly recommended) to the next person on the list. If you are person C, you will mail your stuffed body to person D. Mailing specifics are important. We do not want to have anyone’s critter get lost, so use delivery confirmation if at all possible. Please keep in mind that this will require you to commit to mailing a package every 2 weeks or so. Person C will always mail to Person D, D will always mail to E and so on.
  4. Now that you’ve mailed your body, you should receive a body from the person above you. If you’re C, you will receive a body from B. Now it is time to get creative. Read the passport, and then start making a head of your own design hopefully using yarn from your stash. Add safety eyes if you wish, but no other facial details at this point. Facial details will be added by someone else. Stuff the head and sew the head to the body and mail to Person D.
  5. Next you should receive from Person B a head and body sewn together. On this one, you will add arms - or upper body appendages of your own design and choosing. Stuff the arms if desired, and then sew them to the body. Now mail to Person D.
  6. The next critter you receive should have head, body and arms. You will add legs or other appendages to the lower part of the body (nothing naughty though - lots of us may want to show these to our kids). Once that is completed to your satisfaction, mail to Person D.
  7. Step 5 is to add ears, horns, hair or whatever to the head. Do not add facial features yet. You may want to deviate from crochet for these or not. The point is to be creative, so if you want to add horns or ears made of felt or fabric or Sculpey, go for it. Just be sure to read the passport that came with the critter to check for allergies. Once you have created what you want to, mail to Person D.
  8. Now take a good look at this next critter that arrives in your mailbox. Does it have tentacles instead of arms/legs? Does it look like it needs a tail or maybe wings? Or some spikes in a row down it’s back? Maybe a turtle shell? Add something of your own design to the backside of this critter. Then mail to Person D.
  9. This is the step to add facial details. The head may already have safety eyes attached, but you can add eyebrows, eyelashes, noses, mouths, teeth, whiskers, freckles, warts, whatever. Embroider them or add felt or whatever your creative mind comes up with. When done, mail to Person D.
  10. (and maybe 9 and 10) Depending on the number of people in the circle, there will be 1 - 3 more critters coming your way. Add some personality. Spots, clothes, hats, accessories, shoes, tutus, more tentacles and warts, tiaras, necklaces, earrings. Use whatever materials come to mind. Just check to make sure that you won’t be upsetting the owner’s allergies. And if there’s other people who will still be adding to it, leave some room for improvements and mail to Person D.
  11. Grand Finale: Congratulations! You are the proud new master of a new Creature. Your critter arrives back home all dolled up and probably sporting some unusual features. Read your new friends passport and see where he/she/its been. Now take a photo and add it to the gallery thread for everyone to see.
So stop on by and the group's page Traveling Creature Laboratory to see the progress of the next creature creation or join in yourself. I know I am going to.

Here are a few pics of the finished creatures!



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