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Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Making of a Scrapster WIP

Do you sometimes find it difficult to make your amigurumi look like a real-life pet?
Do you have a hard time finding the perfect yarn?

I find that the most difficult part is finding a yarn that matches the pets true coat. Whereas you might find the perfect match for color, it may be the wrong textile or weight for the amigurumi project. I find that I have had the most luck using ombres in the case of mixed coat animals. For example. A friend of mine has an orange tabby and I made an adorable amigurumi kitten for her. I used this orange/yellow/white ombre (Sunrise #137 - Peaches & Creme) for the effect of the tabby colorization and it came out great!

I am currently working on making an amigurumi version of my nephews daschund scrappy. Here is a real-life pic of him:

Cute huh?

Since he is a long haired miniature daschund I looked and looked for a yarn that would reflect the texture of his fur. I did find one, but the color was not representative of the many colors in his coat. I decided to sacrifice texture in favor of a nice color match for mr scrappy. I found a great yarn that matched the many colors in his coat. Here it is:

Below is the step by step WIP:


As you can tell from the picture of scrappy up above he has 2 different colored eyes. One is brown and the other is blue. I used plastic safety eyes one in brown and one in blue. The head is a basic amigurumi head in the round.


The body is a basic amigurmi head with additional sc around to elongate the body before decreasing. This gives the cylindrical/tube ("hot dog") shape that is typical of the daschund.


When the tail was completed I added a pipe cleaner inside before finishing off. I like to do this to extremeties for added shaping, mobility, and character


The ears of the daschund are a super important feature. I made them super-long and floppy. Here is a pic of them attached to the head:



And here is the finished project! Scrappy!!:

I included 4 different angles so that you can see the finished project from all sides.

And now for the final side by side comparison:

The REAL Scrappy:

The AMIGURUMI Scrappy:

Both of them together at last:

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