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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Secret Project WIP #4

My most recent set of WIPs (that I am highly anticipating I might add,) are components leading to a special gift for a special someone. This WIP is comprised of multiple Amigurumis. I plan on posting the components of the project here as they are completed. I cannot unveil exactly what I am cooking up, since it is a gift, but it will be fun posting the little bits along the way.

My last post detailed the FO, Mr Dolphin. I decided to make the dolphin sea green/blue as opposed to grey as Dolphins usually are. I really like the color of the yarn and figured I would be a little playful with the pattern.

The pattern for this dolphin can be found in Annie Obaachan's book, Super Cute: 25 Amigurumi Animals. This was the first Amigurumi crochet book I purchased when I first started to crochet, and it is still a standard of mine. I highly recommend it, as the patterns are easy to follow for a beginner, and has some great tips for Ami construction (even for an experienced crocheter.)

For this post I am going to unveil 2 more components of this super secret WIP!!!

Lil Seahorse & Starfish!!!!

Lets start with the Lil Seahorse first:

This was the first seahorse ami I have ever made. I found the pattern from the blog Mausica's Magical Menagerie. This pattern is super cute & was simple and a blast to make. I decided to make the seahorse baby blue and lime green. I like the colors and thought they would complement each other and the rest of the  components of the overall project. Here are a few pics of the FO:
Lil Seahorse FO
Lil Seahorse (Back View)
Lil Seahorse FO (Side View)
Now for the 2nd FO for this Super Secret WIP...a super adorable Starfish:
"Betta Treasures Seahorses Victorian Brass Aquarium"

The Starfish was a really challenging Ami to figure out. The components (the star points) and the center piece(s) (the body) were easy enough to make, however, the making up of the Ami was a bit on the difficult side. I found the pattern here. After creating each star point and the front and back side of the starfish body, you have to sew six stitches from each of the star points onto a body panel. This takes some trial and error to make sure they are evenly spaced. You then need to stuff the star points before you sew the back panel of the center piece onto the other sides of the starpoints. You then have to stuff the body before you completely sew up the Starfish. I will include a few pics of the WIP so that the words have some context:

Starfish FO
Back side of Starfish before stuffing star points

Stay tuned in a day or two for the unveiling of FO of my Super Secret WIP!!!

Thanks for reading.

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